​So Donald Trump has been elected as the president of the USA. Basically he’s the most powerful man in the world now. Who saw that coming a year ago? I certainly didn’t.

But how did he do it? 

I have a theory that may or may not prove to be true. But I’m almost always right, and the voice in my head says I’m right.

I’ll begin by explaining a series of events that took place in the will Ferrell movie ‘anchorman 2’. The lead character, Ron Burgundy, is out of a job, divorced and is going through a slump in his life. However, he gets a job offer from GNN (yes really, GNN) where he gets to be an anchorman again, but he’s given a late night slot (1am). 

So while him and his friends were thinking of how to make his show a hit, Ron said, “instead of telling people what they need to hear, why don’t we just tell them what they wanna hear?”

And that’s what Trump did, he told Americans what they wanted to hear. He told them that America was great, same way Ron Burgundy did by giving reasons why America was great, which attracted so many viewers.

At face value his comments were labelled racist, sexist, anti Islamic, nonsensical and totally absurd. Which is true. But it made me realise one thing:

None of the ignorant values and beliefs many Americans possessed truly went away. They were simply suppressed and lay dormant, because it was no longer mainstream to make a casual racist remark, nor was it socially acceptable to oppress women. 

Trump’s comments seemed to have re-activated these ignorant practices, and people now are being openly racist, sexist, etc, because they have a leader who is doing exactly the same. They’ve become emboldened. It’s scary.

“Hey Trump’s doing it, so should we.”

But one can still argue that:

Hillary was backed by mainstream media.

She was backed by a majority of the celebrities in Hollywood (Robert de Niro openly expressed his desire to punch Trump in the face).

She was even backed by now former president Obama. His rousing last minute speech to vote for Clinton was good enough to get some people to want him for a third term.

Yet, she still lost. How?

The answer lies in the problem, and the problem lies in the answer. Hillary Clinton herself.

This election year has been dubbed “the year of the outsider” where a candidate who has been in the political arena for four decades was beaten by an outsider who took up politics as a hobby. That’s as absurd as it gets right?

But is it?

The truth is, Americans didn’t trust Hillary that much. A recent poll showed that out of ten Americans, seven didn’t trust politicians anymore. During round two of the republican process of nominating a candidate, a survey had shown that Donald Trump was the leading candidate, with a support of 33%, followed by Ben Carson, with a support of 20%, then Jeb Bush with a meager 8%.(you can watch the video pertaining to this here.)

What does this tell you?

Well it tells you that Americans have been lied to and manipulated for so long that repeating the process of electing the same people in office who have done nothing really meaningful in the long run is utterly pointless. Gone are the days when a Bush or a Clinton could just stand up and automatically win. It’s not that they voted for Trump, they simply voted against Hillary.

But the democratic party and the DNC deserved it, after what they did to Bernie Sanders earlier this year when electing the democratic nominee. The email leaks that proved Bernie was cheated simply aggravated Americans, and it’s no surprise that many of them felt hurt and decided to vote for Trump just to spite Hillary. Had Sanders been nominated as the presidential candidate (who was also an outsider in the elections by openly proclaiming himself an independent socialist), he would have had a better chance against the Donald and would have more than likely gone on to win the presidency. 

You get what you give. Hillary and the DNC decided Bernie didn’t deserve a seat at the cool kids’ table, and karma came back around to bite them in the ass.

But after the dust has settled in what was the most ridiculous presidential election in US history, and probably the history of the world, one of the main questions to ask is:

Where do we go from here?

In my opinion, it’s too soon to tell. Despite his comments throughout the campaign, I’m intrigued to see how Mr Trump will handle his first hundred days in office. Then we’ll know whether to press the panic button or not.

Donald Trump winning the elections isn’t the end of the world (thought it looks like we’re certainly heading that direction), and the best thing to do right now is to just wait and see how events play out. I’m not an American, but I’m worrisome over what our future holds at the moment. The best thing we can do is sit tight, because it’s going to be one helluva ride.

That’s what’s up.


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