Sage of The Six Paths

Since the beginning of time, it has been passed down from one generation to the next that whosoever finds a gold coin should visit the sage of the six paths, who resided beyond the gilded gates of glory. The coin was meant to be a token that would allow a person to pass through them.

Far Niente

My ideal reality is living in a village tucked away from the fast pace of modern society. If I had my way I’d spend the rest of my life drinking coffee and reading books, stare at the clouds and let them serve as inspiration for my next story.

But we both know that that’s not likely to happen (unless I publish a best-seller. Fingers crossed.)

It Must Be Stated.

The following was something I penned down sometime around June. I wasn’t in the best place mentally and this was my way of ‘laying it all out’. It must be stated, emphatically and unequivocally, that so far things have not gone my way, not because Allah is a sadist, but because the current circumstance IS […]

Jam on Toast

“Here you go sweetie” are the words my mother says before presenting my breakfast on a plain, white plate. It’s always jam on toast. I don’t mind because it’s something that mother makes, and whatever mother makes tastes like heaven. “My mother taught me that whenever the sky was grey and my mood was blue, […]


I’m so glad I bought the masks Daud thought as a speeding matatu zoomed by, leaving a thick cloud of exhaust fumes in its wake. The government really needs to do something about these underserviced vehicles. They’re just making the air worse. He continued his mental tirade as he walked to the bellevue bus stage […]

Playing Catch

“I thought of killing myself last week,” Joe said non chalantly while he threw the baseball to his elder brother. This statement made James freeze and the ball flew past his shoulder. He went to pick it up then returned it to his brother. “I’m sorry to hear that. Mind explaining why?” Joe paused for […]